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Digital Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality


“The consumer is not a moron; she is your wife.”   David Ogilvy, the Father of Advertising, Founder of Ogilvy and Mather

While companies jostle for spaces to put up oodles of adds thinking that the same are tantalising and arresting people to their seats the consumers actually become blase about it. Like if loads of companies keep promoting about their products on Facebook people get accustomed to it become more likely not to even notice adds which would have been beneficial to them. Thus, Facebook does not stop from using algorithms that greatly limits the exposure of business page posts. What would you do in such a case?

” Content is fire social media is gasoline. ”  Jay Baer, Marketing Expert and Founder of Convince and Convert

You are most likely going to start posting on Instagram and Twitter. Assuming you have already worked up on your account – its popular with a lot of followers and so on – you must be wondering and undoubtedly must have often got unhinged thinking although your followers exceed the population of your company yet you do not get the desired response. Ever wandered that your post may not seem to be imposing to your audience or it may seem bogus to the consumers. Your content needs to be out of the ordinary, the posters should convince your audience about the genuinity it holds and if you are trying to put your adds as pop ups then make sure they do not fall in the peripheral vision of the viewers. Do not keep pushing your adds to the customers, try to engage yourself in their discussion.

“ Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. ”  Seth Godin, Author and Blogger

No matter the products or services you provide, there is a great chance that it’s a commodity, or at the least, you have many comparable competitors. A well crafted message will help you connect with your audience to promote your brand ant increase your sales. This is where email marketing joins the race. With one of the most cost effective ways it hasn’t gone unnoticed that shoppers usually look for mails from their favourite stores when they wanna buy something. The challenge is to stand out in overflowing inboxes. Companies have made email online currencies for whenever someone signs up in any website they are asked for the same. It also assures you about the number of audience as they have given you the permission or rather want to get notified from you when they signed up since when did you were asked to post on social medias by your prospects.

Do you understand your buyer’s persona? Do not ignore the comments that you get on your posts. Of all the advices you will ever get online from wikipedias or such blogs the best advice lays just in front of your eyes. Being what your customers are interested in is the wisest part of the business. Its high time you start guest posting to build relationships in your niche. It would not only make you more voguish but also help you increase your trust exponentially.

“ Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first ”  Wendy Piersall

Google doesn’t simply rank you because you use popular keywords. Here comes the responsibility of online influencers to bring you in the limelight. They have their team of designer experts, SEO experts and content marketing peeps who lay for your benefit. Spending quality time building relations with such folks rather than mulling over the low responses becomes far more beneficial to your business. If you are a start up people are more likely to trust about your products through online influencers than your pledges. A good online influencer company would first listen to your business demands before moulding their actions accordingly. These business professionals have access to huge audience and has already established credibility in specific industries hence your cake is ready with the icing and cherry, all you need to do is sit back, join your palms and welcome the surge of customers who are on their way.

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