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Evolution of Social Media


Over the last decade, social media has taken over the world. It has evolved and has become an extensive part of our lives. From talking to distant friends and relatives to looking out for new friends. Social media has been helping us in sharing our moments memorabilia or our thoughts.

Social Media has reached a worldwide audience with only facebook having 1.6 billion active monthly users. The world of social media which came to our notice after, what i’d like to call The Facebook phenomenon , has now a variety of platforms like Instagram Snapchat Whatsapp. This is a phenomenal effect both for casual as well as business users.

Social Media is helping the world of digital marketing to grow as well, by leading companies to a global audience.

Over the past few years, social media has increased its reach from just a platform to connect to a platform to promote one’s product.Earlier social media was confined to people but now you can consider social media as a market where you can find anything you need near you very quickly.

The first social media website was launched in 1997 and was called the ‘SIX DEGREES’ , it had the basic feature of befriending someone and then talk to them. This was the beginning of the world of social media 2 decades ago. The generation changed with the millennium and so did the world of social media. Many small freckles came into this world but one that actually marked the beginning of this new era was Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004.For many years it remained the only platform with such a high number of users, slowly many others like Instagram and Snapchat came into play.They were either acquired by big names or tied up with someone.

Before this social media was looked upon as an activity for passing one’s time or way to chat and make new friends, to talk or to date was the primary function of social media. But as the number and variety of users started increasing , it started to be seen as a way of promoting one’s sales making new business contacts. This helped the companies in reaching a larger audience.

Later on as the number of people with internet connection increased various other names started popping up , these were social media platforms for some particular reasons like LinkedIn came in as a job hunting and resume constructing platform. It still remains the same and is helping professionals in finding their dream jobs. Although LinkedIn was launched in 2002 that is before Facebook it also came into limelight only after the immense success of Facebook. After the production of android phones another boost in the social media world came as the users were now able to access their social media accounts very conveniently. Instagram was also launched after the release and success of android phones.

Social media is now being used to represent companies as well as ideologies. A person’s or a company’s image depends upon their success on this social media world where everyone knows what you said as soon as you said it. Nowadays subject oriented social media platforms like pinterest are also soaring high.

Social media platforms like Twitter are also being used to give our words a platform where people from even the remote areas of the world can also read them. Even big celebrities and politicians are also using this to spread their words. These platforms are being used by influencers to tell the world their ideologies. Leaders like Obama and Narendra Modi have been frequently seen using these platforms to connect with the masses.

As the world of social media was reaching new heights many other professions and opportunities also developed. Photography ,video making and the latest trend of memes was developed only because of the existence of social media. Otherwise professions like photography was very limited but now everyone of us love clicking pictures and consider ourselves the best photographer of our families. Social media and android went kind off hand in hand android helped the social media in reaching the masses whereas social media created opportunities like editing apps for the android developers.

Even after all this social media has been seen as a vice of the society whether it be calling it a distraction for the youngsters or it being misused by terrorist organizations to recruit innocent and somewhat misguided youngsters.
This journey of metamorphosis of social media has been a thriller but in the end I consider it my duty to suggest that use only the beneficial powers of this social media world. Social media platforms give you great power to influence others and create a difference but remember what Uncle Ben said WITH GREAT POWERS COME GREAT RESPONSIBITIES.

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