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Instagram is one of the most recent social media platforms, established in 2010. It was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom and launched on the 6th of October 2010, however in April 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for approximately US $1 billion and is today the most used Social Media platform. Apart from being a photo sharing app, Instagram is a social marketing tool that should be a part of your marketing toolkit. The introduction of e-shopping has led to downfall in the number of consumers of many brands. Instagram comes to the rescue for such brands by providing them the opportunity to promote themselves.

Here are four of the top ways to use instagram to promote your business and interact with your perspective clients. It has offered a great way for social advertising. From gathering insights to selling products, Instagram keeps rolling out tools to help businessman.

With this social media app, one can provide window-shopping opportunities for their followers, displaying the pictures of their products and services. Just one has to share the details of his products in caption and other useful information regarding their product. One has to provide with all the necessary information in case a user wants to buy a product. This attracts most the customers as they get their desirable products by just sitting at home. Another way Instagram is helping business grow digitally is that mostly brands introduce their products first to their followers before it is launched in the market. They offer them special discounts and provide exclusive material for their followers.

Also as it is a psychologically proven fact that users follow a product or a brand if they could engage with the company. So, when brands provide their followers with the exclusive fun facts or behind the scenes showing the labour of the people in making that product, they feel like a family to that brand and hence surely follow them. Instagram is one of the most widely used image sharing platform. As it is said “A good picture is worth a thousand words.” Images which play with colours and patterns leave an everlasting and tempting effect on one’s mind. Creating unique lifestyle photos that capture one’s brand culture is another innovative idea. Using life inspired backgrounds, scenes and models to add a mesmerizing scenario to one’s products makes it attractive.

Providing events on Instagram and sharing exclusive insider access is what inculcates in customers a user friendly feeling. Many brands use Instagram to promote events using geo-tags by sharing the location and inviting followers who are near the area.

Hashtags are what have made instagram a wide business platform. Brands often include Hashtags to widen their discoverability. With over more than one million billion users, instagram feed change fast and one’s content can get buried quickly. So, hashtags are one of many ways to increase the effective life of one’s instagram post. Hashtags group posts of a similar kind remaining discoverable forever. Using popular and trending hashtags and keywords and phrases relevant to your brands and your post will immortalize forever. Creating your unique hashtag is also a good way which lumps all your content into an easily searchable collection.

Give-aways are also one of the most popular ways by which Instagram has promoted business. Brands often give away one of the best selling masterpieces, a bundle of popular gadgets from their collection, or a significant gift card for their online store to attract consumers.

Holding various contests is also a way by which many brands are gaining popularity. Not only it keeps the old customers engaged but also attracts the new ones.

“Engaging with your customers is the key to business” is the idea what the popular brands follow. They communicate with their customers through DMs , respond to their comments and thank their followers for the tags. This is where the difference from traditional shopping comes.

Apart from it, Instagram also provides opportunities for new digital start ups. Posting on a consistent schedule, updating the consumers on the day to day basis attract the customers. Even the house wives could set up their own business and work from home. Instagram is not only providing a platform to consumers but also to influencers and those who want to set up their own digital start up.

Growing your business through Instagram would surely not happen overnight. Though instagram users are very active and love to engage, but one’s quality of product and way of presentations should also be equally good. One has to just set the ball rolling and Instagram will then help to promote their business for sure.

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