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Digital Marketing Trends & Innovations in 2020


Marketing is one of the fastest growing industry in the world. It leads to many job opportunities to many people, but to continue this process, the marketers need to evolve with time and upcoming technology. Nowadays the marketing sector has been increasing at a fast rate and so is the competition among them. To ensure that the business runs efficiently and without any loss, different sectors have chosen to upgrade themselves.

Some of the features include chatbots, automatic selection of items as per user’s past experience and some interesting discount rates. But what matters the most is the quality of the items and customer satisfaction because a satisfied customer is a customer supplier.

Now the customers have various kinds of queries and doubts about the products and services, since the chatbots are nearly available everywhere, they are being equipped with AI to ensure correct information supply, and also some product/item suggestion. Customer service is the customer support in future. The customers can help to improve the quality by supplying the data, the marketers want for improvement and in which specific areas ; this can be done by surveys and quizzes and feedback forms.

The customers should also have a straight way to their own preferable choice of market(s), these can be achieved by the introduction of new private apps. To make people spend their money on services and items, market owners should invest money to make a way for keeping the customer’s money safe. This includes updating the anti-theft facility, encryption coding of online payment apps. Now, along with old customers, the new customers should also be welcomed and entertained by various types of attractive ads and offers. These ads should be about some of the latest trends and also the ways by which the customers can get their aspired products.

The companies should not alter or use their customers information ever for any bad reason. These points should be mentioned specifically in ‘terms and conditions’ but since today’s fast moving generations don’t have so much time to read all this. The private apps they are using should have these points as false settings options, doing nothing but just making sure that the user is well aware of the anti-cheat and anti-theft points and many more. Now sometimes seeing is believing, so the products should be shown to the user as working, but when it comes to clothes, the different models is not a good way, instead the app should take the pictures of the user and the system should generate a pic of the user wearing that outfit. Now the only thing that remains is to make the user well aware of the new offers. The companies are increasing very fast so the products should be of much quality and just not for show. Now the problem of any user is to be able to overcome the language problem, so the companies should recruit people with nearly all languages.

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